Anonymous asked : If you check the Instagram account for user brianwithanh you can see the updates about Grounded, the film where Aaron Paul plays a man paralyzed after a diving accident. The composer even posted a shot from the film during one of his scoring sessions.

Thank you! Here’s the shot anon’s talking about, for those interested (like myself). This was 8 weeks ago, so hopefully that means we’ll hear a release date soon. :)


Anonymous asked : I learned the Adam Niskar biopic that Aaron filmed a few years ago was scored and near completion and had name changed from Quad to Grounded. But is there any news on a release date?

Your guess is as good as mine. I was just looking up that movie on IMDB a few days ago, wondering what happened to it. No news though. Hopefully it will eventually be released. If I learn anything new about it, it will be posted here. :)

Anonymous asked : I love the content of this blog but the theme is unreadable on both Safari and Firefox. Please consider revising so everyone can enjoy.

Hello! I know the theme is super outdated and annoying, I’m working on a new one though! Just need some free time to finish it up. :)

Glad you like the posts! xx


Aaron Paul’s Acting in the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad Appreciation Post.


If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet (and if not, rectify this IMMEDIATELY) then there’s a big SPOILER WARNING here for all five seasons.


It’s difficult to believe that this month marks a whole year since the phenomenon that was Breaking Bad bowed out in…

I made a mistake. It’s my own fault. I had it coming. It’s all my fault.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Bushmills Presents, Aaron Paul & Friends.



Hellion’s Aaron Paul and the Art of Collapse by Texas Observer

During his five-year run as tragically unlucky drug dealer Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul evolved into Hollywood’s greatest artist of collapse. Beaten by his enemies, abused by his partners, hooked on meth, enslaved by neo-Nazis and witness to the violent deaths of pretty much anyone he ever loved, Jesse’s life was plotted on a trajectory that always pointed down. As Paul became a more nuanced actor over the show’s run, he was able to tap into ever-deeper reserves of anger, depression, rage, disassociation and, eventually, cosmic resignation, capturing the essence of existential disappointment like few actors have.

Which made him the perfect choice to play the lead in the latest film from Austin-based writer/director Kat Candler. Hellion, which will be released on DVD Sept. 30, is a story about interior calamity, about the beatings a human being can take and the thousand and one ways we avoid the emotional implications of those beatings, all of which is right in Paul’s wheelhouse. He plays Hollis Wilson, a young man in Southeast Texas whose wife has died, leaving him with a bottomless well of pain and regret, a serious alcohol problem, and two sons, one of whom, Jacob, has directed his own sadness into a life of juvenile delinquency and blossoming criminality. The younger sibling, Wes, is poised to follow his older brother down the same dark path. Drowning in his own sorrow, their father seems powerless to stop his family’s dissolution. That’s probably because Hollis is really no different from his sons. Hidden behind his beard, trucker cap and thousand-yard stare, he’s a scattergun of emotional repression, misdirected testosterone and impotent rage: a boy disguised as a man.

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Behind the scenes of Breaking Bad, Shotgun S4E5 (X)


On the set of Breaking Bad with dolly grip David Jaxx Nagro (Shotgun S4E5)

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